Jun 02, 2023  
2021-2022 UMA Catalog 
2021-2022 UMA Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Adjunct Faculty

The University is fortunate to be able to provide our students with part-time faculty whose experience, credentials and teaching capability add to the high quality of our resident faculty. The names and titles of adjunct faculty who have earned six (6) or more service units at UMA is provided below.

Abbott,Rodney R, Lecturer I

Abramova,Natalia, Lecturer III

Adams,Elizabeth A, Lecturer III

Anderson,David W., Lecturer III

Audette,Priscilla P, Lecturer III

Ayotte,Pierrette R., Lecturer II

Backman,William H., Lecturer III

Bancroft,Donna A, Lecturer II

Bickford,Susan C, Lecturer III

Bistrais,Robert S, Lecturer I

Blesh,Tamara E., Lecturer III

Bobker, Pamela, Lecturer I

Bolduc-Ignasiak,Sarah Ser, Lecturer I

Borodic,Sophie L., Lecturer I

Bowne,Nora, Instructor

Boyd,Brian B., Lecturer III

Bridgeo,William R., Lecturer II

Burdick,Sabra C., Lecturer III

Burns,Amy B, Lecturer I

Cahill, Carol M., Lecturer II

Carras,Marlene R, Lecturer I

Carty,Jeffrey W, Lecturer II

Chisholm,Jessica, Lecturer III   

Clancy,Gary W, Lecturer III

Coe,Carolyn, Lecturer II

Cole,Lori E, Lecturer III  

Comins,Suzanne Mary, Lecturer II

Curran,Mary Ann T., Lecturer III

Curtin,Kevin T, Lecturer III

Day, Matthew D., Lecturer III

Demchur-Merry,Catherine A, Lecturer III

Demers,Luc A., Lecturer III

Der Simonian,Sebouh, Lecturer II

Dolan,Daniel T, Lecturer I

Doucette,Renee M.L., Lecturer I

Dunton,Elaine K., Lecturer III

Edwards,Jeanne, Lecturer II

Eisen,Kenneth, Lecturer III

Ennamorati,Audrey L, Lecturer III

Farmer,John D., Lecturer III

Felch,Myles Mathew, Lecturer I

Feldhousen-Giles,Kristy J, Lecturer II

Fitzgerald,John S, Lecturer II

Fox,Kathleen A, Professor

Gallagher,Dawn Dosedlo, Lecturer I

Gallagher,Marcia J, Lecturer III

Gallant,Jennifer M Bricke, Lecturer I

Galloway,William M, Lecturer II

Gianopoulos,Christos J, Lecturer III

Goodridge,Mark R., Lecturer III

Greenham,David, Lecturer II

Gronros,Donna L, Lecturer III

Guillemette,James F., Lecturer II

Halpin,William, Lecturer III

Ham-Thompson, Tammy L., Lecturer I

Harper,Robert J, Lecturer III

Hays,Maria L, Lecturer III  

Hedgcock,Sethallen R, Lecturer III  

Hendrickson,Julie, Lecturer III

Hicks,Raquel, Lecturer I

Hilton,Judith A., Lecturer III

Homer,Cynthia, Lecturer I

Hooper,Jill Wendy, Lecturer I

Hughes,Kelly, Lecturer

Hull,Christopher Stanley, Lecturer I

Hunter,Nancy M., Lecturer II

Jenkins,Pamela L, Instructor

Katz,Elaine R, Lecturer III

Kaufman-Blanchette,Rebeka, Lecturer II

Kellogg,Cynthia J., Lecturer I

Kenefic,Richard, Lecturer I

Kinsella,David C., Lecturer II

Lane, Theodore R., Lecturer III

Lapointe,Laurence A, Professor  

Leach,David M, Lecturer III 

Leasure, Joseph H., Lecturer I

LeGore,Christine L, Assoc Professor  

Lienert,Laura A, Lecturer II

Little,Christine A, Lecturer I

Lodge,Peter M, Lecturer II  

Long,Jill M, Lecturer III

Lumb,Richard C, Lecturer III

Mahoney,Daniel M, Lecturer II

Marshall Jr, Thomas P., Lecturer II

Martens,Andrea M, Asst Professor

Mayhew,Lauren, Lecturer III

Mayo,Teresa M, Lecturer III

McBean,Kristina M Paterso, Lecturer II

McCord,Thomas R., Lecturer III

McInnis,Timothy J, Lecturer III

McLaren,Kristin L, Lecturer II

Mehrmann,John, Lecturer I

Morin,Anne M., Lecturer III

Moro,Stephen M, Lecturer III

Morrissette,Janet G, Lecturer I

Mundy,Cornelius P., Lecturer I

Naiden,Peter C, Lecturer III

Norton, Daniel P., Lecturer I

Noyes-Hull,Gretchen D, Lecturer II

O’Brien,John M, Lecturer III

Orth,Melissa M., Lecturer III

Pare-Peters,Rita, Lecturer III

Patterson,Margaret R, Professor  

Payson,Neil P., Lecturer III

Peppe,Dorothy, Asst Professor  

Peterson Cyr,Amy E, Lecturer III

Piatt,Charles Eugene, Lecturer I

Pitcher,Jeri, Lecturer II  

Potter,Jonathan, Lecturer III

Reeves,John L, Lecturer I

Richmond,Roger R, Professor  

Rieff,Kristin L, Lecturer III

Rogers, Christopher, Lecturer I

Ross, Sharon E., Lecturer III

Rottmann,Linda H, Lecturer III  

Roy,Roland M, Lecturer III

Ruddy,Sarah J, Lecturer III

Sandberg,Charles Michael, Lecturer III 

Sapien,Hector, Lecturer II  

Schlenker,Jon Arlin, Professor  

Seymour,James C, Lecturer III

Shattuck,John G, Lecturer III

Silverstein,Jeffrey, Lecturer III  

Stetson,David G, Lecturer III

Stoddard,Susan B., Lecturer III

Strout,Brian Paul, Lecturer I

Trefts,Reginald Hubbard, Lecturer II

Trefts,Roberta L, Lecturer I  

Trimble,Carol G, Lecturer II

Turner, Abbie, Lecturer I

Twitchell,Lynn, Lecturer III

Vail,Garrett W., Lecturer III

VanKirk,Tricia L, Lecturer III

Ver Ploeg,Katherine, Lecturer I

Vose,Stephen R., Lecturer III

Vrana-Bossart,Martha M, Lecturer III  

Watkins,Philip A, Professor  

Wheeler,Gary, Lecturer I  

Whitney,Charles D, Lecturer I  

Willett-Sewall,Jill C., Lecturer III

Zaremba,Erin P C, Lecturer I